4th February 2016


GEEKLAW Partnership with the University of Leicester Student Law Review

GEEKLAW is delighted to announce its collaborative venture with four of the University of Leicester law societies (Leicester University Law Society, the Canadian Law Society, European Law Students’ Association and the Pan-African Law Society) to form a sustainable Law Review that represents the University of Leicester.


The editorial team is leaded by Scarlett Stock as Editor-in-Chief, Ariel Rubin-Fried as a Co-Editor (from the Canadian law society), Marcus Sim as a Sub-Editor (from the Pan-African Law Society), Sanju Ganesan as a Sub-Editor (with from European Law Students’ Association) and Folarin Asolo as a Sub-Editor (with our very own GEEKLAW).


Such a diverse editorial team aims to be a reflection of the true talent the Leicester School of Law students possess. The committee thus far has successfully published its first annual review in December 2015 as the second issue of the Review. Alumni from the Leicester Law School have also been given the opportunity to make submissions to the Law Review to allow the Review to publish articles even further outside the curriculum. In March 2016, we anticipate the launch of the third issue, with prizes for the best articles, and an opportunity for writers to present. The launch is in celebration of the third issue in order for students to showcase their work in front of firms, academics, alumni, and fellow students; it will also be a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Law School.


December 2015 issue (no. 2)


For more information, please visit: the University of Leicester Student Law Review website.


By: Folarin Asolo, GEEKLAW Delegate to the University of Leicester Law Review.


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