GEEKLAW officially recognised as the University of Leicester Information Techology Law Society, was founded in 2013 by students at the Law School. The aim of GEEKLAW is to promote awareness of the ever increasing links between technology and law which are inevitably leading to rapid developments in the modern economy.


GEEKLAW addresses the challenges facing the modern economy by building on the education already offered to students. The pace of technological development in the world is unprecedented, meaning modern professionals will need not only a strong understanding of the law as it currently stands but also a thorough understanding of how technology will shape the legal profession in the years to come. Our mission is to incorporate Information and Communication Technology into students’ academic life, preparing them for an entry into the economy.


  • 2013 December: Founded by Abraham Tuyo and Khalid Khawaji at the University of Leicester
  • 2014 February: Recognized by the Student Union as a student society
  • 2014 April: First General Meeting was held; First committee included –  Abraham Tuyo (President), Khalid Khawaji (Executive Vice President), Olamide Osunsina (General Counsel), Graham Morton (Treasurer), Anson, Ho Hin Lam (Executive Publisher – Internet Assets) and Seth Heward-Mills (Public Relations & Communications)
  • 2014 May: Present society shield was designed by Graham Morton and Khalid Khawaji;The digits on the shield is the Morse code representation of GEEKLAW. What a geeky feature!
  • 2014 October: Our very first conference, ODR Conference was held;Announces the plan for our online legal journal, LegalBrew
  • 2015 February: Our official website was launched; Held our second conference, Electronic Doctors (Telemedicine and Health Informatics in Law)
  • 2015 March: Held our final conference of the year, Super Sleuth (Cybercrime)
  • 2016: PRESIDENT: Loye Oydedotun. ‘Bitcoin’ Conference. ‘Online Dispute Resolution’ Conference. Legal London. ‘Identity Theft on the Dark Web’ Conference. ‘Social Media’ Conference (in collaboration with ELSA).
  • 2017: PRESIDENT Joanna Chung. ‘CyberCrime’ Conference. ‘Careers Talk – BHW Solicitors’.